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 Boss Days are Mondays & Fridays

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Boss Days are Mondays & Fridays Empty
PostSubject: Boss Days are Mondays & Fridays   Boss Days are Mondays & Fridays EmptySat Nov 28, 2009 12:56 pm

I created a 2 day a week system on killing high lvl bosses, Example FRANG,KRIXX,KONG,EYE OF KRIMSON,DRAGON OF DEPTHES(DOD), MANTA VIP SCOUT, QUILLHOG KING AND MANY MORE I DIDN'T MENTION. This way it's more organized and would be less of a pain....Example, everyday people need a boss so we make a squad and go kill them, but then 10 mins later someone else logs on and says they need those bosses too... Sorry but it's a pain it the butt, so i figured this would help, MONDAYS & FRIDAYS are gonna be our boss days, and it's all day,. Don't worry if monday we couldn't kill your boss, it will be done on friday,, this makes things easyier, and more organized for the future of the feel free to tell me in the website under this link your bosses and what day you's like them done , either the monday or friday that you'll be available..

So remember have fun in the game king

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Boss Days are Mondays & Fridays
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