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 Cost Breakdown for Herc/Phoenix

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PostSubject: Cost Breakdown for Herc/Phoenix   Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:03 pm

For any Veno's out there who are looking to get a Hercules or Phoenix Pet, you've got a very steep climb ahead of you.
Thus, this guide to help you plan out a budget for your new super pet.

(Prices are as of 12/13/09. Subject to inflation)

1 Source of Force or Phoenix Feather = 10k-12k from Catshop, 10k from Auction House. (People put shop offers up for 6k-7k, but are rarely taken up on 'em)

Amount needed to get pet ticket = 9,999 SoF or PF = 99,990,000 - 119,988,000 in game coin

Best way to do this is to break up the cost over several months. So on a six month schedule... (Using an 11k average per SoF)

616,000 Coin per day = 56 SoF/PF per day

4,587,000 Coin per week = 417 SoF/PF per week

18,337,000 Coin per month = 1667 SoF/PF per month

If you're lucky, you might find a shop selling the items for much less than the normal price. The lowest I've seen was 1k per SoF. Careful though, as these are often mistakes and should be snatched up as soon as you spot em.

Using Real Cash for Your Super Pet

As saving up in game coin is tedious work when it comes to getting a shop pet, most people tend to resort to using the original method of getting one of these, and using the cash shop. Remember, that you can trade in 100 of each of the items for the other type at the pet manager in Arch. (Useful when buying them in bulk from the cash shop)

$10 in the cash shop - Average of 500-700 SoF/PF
$20 in the cash shop - Average of 1100-1500 SoF/PF
$60 in the cash shop - Average of 3000-3300 SoF/PF

Assuming you get the pure average for buying the battle pack in bulk (33.3 items per pack) Here's about how much it will take to meet each threshold.

1000 SoF/PF = $15
2000 SoF/PF = $30
5000 SoF/PF = $75
7500 SoF/PF = $112
9999 SoF/PF = $152

So, again, very expensive. Of course, you could get very lucky and get above the mean average for items per pack. But you could also get below the means.

So what about selling gold and buying the items off of other players?
It honestly depends on the rate of gold. Opening the packs is a game of chance, but they do tend to stick pretty close to an even mark (I normally pull a 50 pack of something for every 10 pack I get.)

So in truth, if gold is trading for less than 400k, it's better to buy the item via the cash shop.

So get ready for a long haul, but in the end it'll be worth it. The Phoenix has some of the best attack stats in the game, while the Herc is fabled for it's defensive and tanking skills.
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Posts : 15
Join date : 2009-11-27
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PostSubject: Re: Cost Breakdown for Herc/Phoenix   Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:09 pm

Also, on the note of the very expensive experience of feeding a Hercules/Phoenix..

Both of the super pets only east certain foods. Hercs only eat meat (Meat, Fine Meat, Venison) while Nixs only eat Fruit and Ginseng. Both of these food items are quite expensive. You can buy the arcane tome (Pet tome) that'll feed your pet for one real week. But there is an easier and cheaper way.

Mystical Tomes

All you need is one, of any level, and as long as it is attached to your Veno, your pet stays nice and fed. It's a permanent item, with no time limit (And a bonus to stats too) To make a level 1 tome, you'll need three pages (Cash shop item = 1 gold apiece) and three tome fragments (About 15-50k since the influx in sale boxes)
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Cost Breakdown for Herc/Phoenix
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