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 Marshall's and Excutors

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Marshall's and Excutors Empty
PostSubject: Marshall's and Excutors   Marshall's and Excutors EmptySat Nov 28, 2009 12:29 pm

MARSHALLS First thing a Marshall should be doing is keeping the peace in the guild and recruit new active players, lvl's 30+, and to advise others once recruted about our website
And to offer help to others that need help, Example ( someone needs help, and your in the middle of a quest, the marshal should take action and offer the help. If others in the guild offer that help then it's fine.) but still keep your helpfulness open....
Also like to inform that marshalls must advise the Leader & Director of any foul play, as of Drama,stealing of FB drops ,exp (Molds, and 3 star items), not being fair in shares in TT runs etc...And once we get that info , we will ask and question in a civil way and take out the proper actions nesessary...

EXCUTORS Your jobs also consists of the same as a Marshall, but you must advise the marshal first before coming to the Leader & Director of any foul play etc....Seeing if the Leader & Director is not around this will be up to you to consult the marshal when were not around , and the Marshal will inform us when we get on ....

Keep up the good work and have fun in the game

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Marshall's and Excutors
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